Frequently Asked Questions -


Q: What does all this mean? And how come the site does not display properly?

A: In order to get the best viewing experience you will need to make sure-

(1) You're using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

(2) Your screen resolution is set to 1024X762 Resolution (This will allow viewing of the entire page on the screen)

(3) Your web browsers "Text Size" is set to "Medium" (This will make all of the photos and images set properly, you can change your web browsers "Text Size" by clicking on the "View" icon at the top left of the browser; from that menu you will select "Text Size" and then "Medium"

(4) A high speed internet connection about 512K is recommended. There are very large files, Videos and high resolution photos in our information publications, so please be advised if your using low connection speeds.


Q: I am a photo C/D or information publication customer from off e-bay. I paid for my C/D and it come in the mail; however I do not have a user name and password to access the online database.

A: For a user name a password to the SELLC domain please email Please include your transaction number and good e-mail address and we will forward over the information to set up your account. All account include an e-mail address, and rights to post and read internal discussion forums.


Q: I purchased an information publication and it never arrived!

A: Please e-mail with your item number and transaction information and we will contact you ASAP to handle the matter.


If you have a question that is not on this list please e-mail and we will respond back shortly.